by Ropes.

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released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Ropes. München, Germany

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Track Name: Atlas falls
I wear my wounds burning bright in sundown red
Bright as the blank page that I am
Screaming letters every night that I'm asleep
Countless curses on my self
Written by my hate of being me

In the wake of hopeless battles
I keep myself at bay
Fought with broken hands
There is Not much left of me

Half lit faces and light hearted hopes
In these depths I'm laying low

If it means to find my place
I'll Never come of age
I'm holding onto anything
That seems to bring me ease
I can't bear my own fate

If I'm sinking in the pain I crave

Ever growing
Never ending
Ever changing
My cracks
Always finding hidden trails to rip me apart.
Track Name: Scars
Old scars dressed to make New wounds
As the Heavy Rain pours more bearable  I swear to Fight this losing Battle till its very end
But Your screams all Sound the same to me
And denial wont keep my word instead of setting me free

Though I wish I could fall asleep 
I'm at war with empty words 

Written with blood on hardwood floors
I'm at war with empty words 
the weight of your wish is too much for my Worn Out Wings 
and i myself become the river that will wash away our tired love

if you’d Care to See the other side of me
if you’d care- we could find a way
We can’t find a Way to Run away
when You tear that apart what is already dust
Track Name: Verdun
It became forever since I first
Walked this field
So Black so familiar
Swimming through a lake of dead
Eyes Holding me
Holding close what Long is lost

Here is the end of everyone who
Walked this Way before
Lies laid low to rot
Here is the end of everyone
Who failed this life before

What is left to dream about
When you're full of broken thoughts?
Man with a shattered world damned to live in Black

You reach right through me
As if our limbs weren't made to meet
Right through me

Where is love's end?
And when do we spend our days on knees?

Never again